Dragon and Tiger

“Health is not determined by the strength of your muscles but by the strength of your chi”.
~ Bruce Frantzis

Dragon and Tiger Qigong can provide a practitioner with noticeable health benefits quickly; even when it is done poorly or within a small range of motion – including sitting or lying down. An unusual thing about Dragon and Tiger and its classification as a medical form of chi gung is that there are only 7 movements to learn.

Considering the benefit to the time put in to learning ratio, the payoff is big. Especially when considering that many other chi gung forms which have the potential to offer more health benefits are also more time consuming to learn.

There are many layers to this set and easily a lifetime’s worth of practice & study is contained within the art of Dragon and Tiger Qigong.

Movement 4: Tiger separates her cubs

This 1500-year-old self-healing practice is based on the principles of acupuncture and typically allows practitioners a tangible feeling of qi. Once you begin feeling your qi you can begin to work with it more powerfully – amplifying this sets potent health benefits.

The practice is also particularly useful for body workers, acupuncturists and all healthcare professionals as it provides tools to prevent burnout.

By way of moving your hands in your etheric field & pushing and pulling qi along your acupuncture meridian lines you clear, balance and strengthen all of them. Meanwhile, your internal organs receive a massage and your soft tissues get a gentle stretch.

This is a low-impact, complete system of self-healing that works all your bodies systems. As a result, you begin to develop a healthier and functionally younger body.