Energy Gates

“Water is the softest thing yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This truly shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness”.
~ Lao Tze

The methods found in Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Chi Gung or “Energy Gates” for short come from Taoism’s Water Tradition of Lao Tze – author of the Tao te Ching.

Emphasis is on complete relaxation & using your full effort without force or strain while feeling energy, becoming open and letting go.

Energy Gates chi gung helps you to shed stress gently yet powerfully – like water wears away rock. Over time, your body and its energy become more and more open, soft and strong as you learn to directly feel and work with your body and the energy that courses through it.

Standing & Outer Dissolving
Photo: Marty Mellway

Basic standing posture, Taoist breathing, awareness, attention and intention place you into a deep & natural overall alignment while you open physically and energetically, becoming more deeply aware of your internal landscape. 

You will learn how to scan and sink energetic blockages taking you beyond mere relaxation and visualization.  Using this technique you use awareness and intent to softly & viscerally feel, relax and let go of inherent tension or energetic “stuck points”. 

The solid foundation of standing alignments awareness training you learn will be directly applied to the remainder of this series. 

Through a movement called Cloud Hands you will benefit from gentle bending, stretching, twisting and lengthening of all your bodies soft tissues while your internal organs receive internal pressurization causing them to function optimally. Cloud hands is known as “the most complete chi gung movement” and can give you the majority of the benefits found in Tai Chi.

Completely unique to China, the Taoist spine release works on your overall spinal health and strength.  Hands on instruction and guidance will allow you to feel, relax and let go of bound spinal tension in progressively deeper layers.  Learning to feel the longitudinal muscles and allowing them to relax will set you up to feel groups of vertebrate and then individual ones.  The practice will create space and openness allowing the fluids and energy of your spine to flow freely.