Cultivating Balance & Compassion with Chi Gung

Date(s) - 14/12/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Jam Factory

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Using 1500 year old self healing techniques derived from Buddhism in the Shaolin temple, you will tap into your bodies internal energy to cultivate balance and compassion in yourself.

On the physical level, Qigong does wonders for all your bodies systems and specifically, the system of Dragon & Tiger Qigong is based on the acupuncture wellness model. This means that what this form of self healing’s main strength is in clearing, strengthening and balancing the 700-800 acupuncture meridians that lie just beneath your skin.

Using alignments, breath, awareness, movement and intent we can work with the energy or “Qi” that moves through us. It is also this intent that we work with in daily life encounters with all living beings. We are constantly being gifted with the opportunity to be in control of and the choice of the nature of our intent.

In this 3hr workshop, we will focus on movement number 7 from the Dragon and Tiger Qigong system.

“Dragon soars to heaven and returns with the mystic pearl” is a movement where you will transfer many of the skills learned in the previous movement and activate diagonal energy flows moving to your extremities then powerfully yet in a relaxed manner “piercing heaven and earth” – releasing stagnant qi and drawing in fresh qi through your body and meridian lines. This piercing technique is your opportunity to not only release tension and stagnant qi but to send your Loving intention to all sentient beings and then equally important, to return that intention of Compassion to yourself.

You’ll also learn to store this precious life-force energy so that you can draw upon it when your body needs it in times of stress or illness. Qigong works to clear, develop and strengthen the energy that runs your physical body and is the most important determinant to how you feel on a day to day basis.

Feel Free to send me an email with any questions about this workshop

Workshop Fee is $40

You can also reach me at (250)432-9787

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