Protect Yourself Energetically Workshop – Full Weekend of Qigong with Energy Arts Instructor Aaron Green

Date(s) - 24/05/2019
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Jam Factory


Do you consider yourself an energetically sensitive being?
Are you a deeply empathetic person who often takes on other people’s energy and find this energetic influence is too much to bear?
Do you sometimes find it uncomfortable or almost painful being in large groups or certain social situations and find yourself feeling ill as a result from such encounters?
In this workshop you’ll learn to discern between your own energy and that of others which is key to knowing when you are being influenced or affected.
Using this awareness you’ll learn techniques you can apply during interactions with others and afterwards before these energies begin to stick and solidify in your system.
These techniques are commonly taught in part of training as a Qigong Tui-Na healer to prevent burnout and can be applied to any healer/client interaction or life situation.
Aaron Green Certified Energy Arts Instructor has been teaching Energy Arts for more than 20 years and has trained extensively with Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis (
Aaron is a seasoned practitioner and a gifted teacher of Wu style Tai Chi, Longevity Breathing and various qigong practices embodying a high level of energetic ability and sensitivity.  For the past 10 years Aaron has also been using Craniosacral Therapy and Qigong Tui-Na to help his clients achieve various goals, from improved posture to chronic pain relief and remission of incurable conditions.  He is now traveling in the US and internationally in to share this life enhancing material.
Registration for this course is now open.  To register follow the link below:
For more details contact:
(250) 432-9787

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