Sitting in mother natures seat.
Receiving nothing and everything.
All at once.
Mother nature – the world’s only poet.
Awake between asleep between ebb between flow.
The ocean reveals its impossible rhythm.
Countless circles spinning.
Full empty.
Life death.
Sun drop.
Rain beam.
Cloud hands.
Tea was pouring while an eagle was soaring.
More eagles were singing along with my heart.
Spaces between rhythm of sound & silence and the words “good god thank you”.
Big winter rain and big winter waves.
Big Sitka Spruce sharing shelter, silence, presence and tea.

Gazing out at the ocean of Gratitude.
All I can feel is everything.
All I can do is wonder and ponder.
Such profound depth and mystery.
All I can be is its reflection.
All I can say is Thank you.
Whale & wave, regal eagle, sea-lion & slug, mist, moss & mushroom are all an ocean of gratitude in the ever over flowing cosmic cup.
Drinking the forest floor.
Pondering the ocean floor.
Relaxing into seen and unseen sights.
All of the above and below speak through silence heard in the same way.
Ridiculous & profound, sense & non-sense are no different and the same.
The gentle sound of crackling rain drops dissolving my mind and warming my heart.