Private Lessons

A private lesson is great way to work one on one with you on things that are specific to your individual needs. With full attention to your learning the process will move swiftly.

Drop-In Qigong classes are $15 and I offer private lessons in my space or in your home depending on what works best at a rate of $50/hr. I am also open and excited about offering combined Qigong instruction along with Reiki and Tea. These 3 healing arts are symbiotic and are all geared towards bringing you back to balance in body, mind and soul.

Feel free to connect about a private Qigong lesson or a personalized morning or afternoon healing session.

Please feel free to reach out, I love meeting new people interested in energy arts. I always enjoy connecting and if you’d like to learn it is my passion to guide you in your journey learning Qigong.

Contact me at: or (250) 432- 9787