“Qigong” (Chi Gung, Chi Kung) translates roughly to “Energy Work”.

You ARE Qigong.

The practice of Qigong is a path of aligning with the wisdom and harmony of nature that exists inside of you. Your body & energy move toward balance and letting go as a state of effortless naturalness.

Originally developed by Taoist meditators in ancient China, Qigong is one of the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine and is an umbrella term that covers hundreds of different schools and styles.

Tai Chi for example is a form of Qigong that has the potential to contain all the major methodologies of energy work within Taoism called the 16 Neigong (Internal Power).

To learn about the Qigong practices I share and how they may help you become a healthier more balanced you, please check out the Dragon & Tiger and Energy Gates tabs.

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