“Rei-ki” – translates as “Universal – Energy” and is a Japanese healing modality that is a non-invasive form of energy healing that is safe, gentle and effective.

The effects of Reiki can vary greatly can help alleviate disease and many common health problems. Generally speaking however, people often find they feel smooth and even keel overall with a sense of ease and well-being in their body and mind.

The client can sit or lie down while the practitioner places their hands either on or above the clients body in various places where energy may be blocked. The practitioner is a clear channel or intermediary for Universal life-force energy to flow through them and into the client.

In this sense, Reiki is a passive form of energy healing where the practitioner uses a gentle and loving intent without getting in the way of where energy needs to go.

My personal experience with Reiki was that it was the beginning of my interest in the healing arts and was a catalyst for my own personal and spiritual development. Over the years it has been a wonderful tool to have in my health maintenance tool box and I always enjoy sharing this gift with others.

I offer Reiki treatments in my space by donation. I am also open and excited about offering combined Reiki sessions along with Qigong instruction and Tea. These 3 healing arts are all geared towards bringing you back to balance in body, mind and soul. Feel free to connect about a Reiki session or a personalized morning or afternoon healing session.