“Kevin is a gifted and incredibly dedicated teacher. I have seen him grow personally and professionally and it has been amazing to watch as he brings more and more honesty clarity and caring to his classes and workshops. I encourage everyone that has the chance, to work with him. “

Aaron Green, Certified Energy Arts Instructor, Craniosacral therapist, Chi Gung Tui Na practitioner. West Virginia, USA

“Thank you Kevin for this awesome introduction to something you are so clearly passionate about. I look forward to deepening my practice over the weeks/months.”
Dr. Joanna Schmidt – DC Network Spinal Analysis. Kimberley, BC

“He is a wise teacher who is constantly inspiring those around him to be more connected with the Tao, the present moment, the flow of life itself.”

Leigh (Marty) Mellway – Photographer, BC Parks Ranger, Ucluelet, BC

“Having known Kevin for over ten years now, having originally met at a Sweatlodge Ceremony, I have been blessed to have witnessed his practice germinate, sprout, and begin growing methodically and patiently over this past decade. I’d often push him to start teaching, but he was wise to relax and allow Tao.  Now, to be able to see Kevin’s “Medicine” (shamanically speaking)  blossoming forth so powerfully like this, grounded and nurtured in hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice, continues to be a unique opportunity for me to observe. And to think, on some levels it’s only just getting started! “
Brad Hercina – Reiki teacher, Shamanic Healer. Victoria, BC

“Kevin is gentle, patient and present in his teaching style and will take you into the zone of relaxation.” Heather Ives – Classical Pianist & Reconnective Healer. Nelson, BC

“In times of feeling scattered or depleted, Kevin Hartwell brought me back to a place of euphoria and bliss in my body and mind through his reiki sessions. The space he created felt safe and comfortable, allowing me to surrender and relax to receive the healing energy. I would highly recommend”. Rhonda Lily – Cedar & Rose, Tofino, BC

“Kevin is an excellent teacher with many thousand hours of personal practice behind him as well as in depth teacher trainings with Bruce Frantzis in Colorado.
His passion for teaching chi gung and love of tea is readily apparent at either one of these events. I am honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to attend these events on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. “

Maggie Brown, Ucluelet, BC Reiki & Reconnective Healer
Guaranji Shamanic Healer
Reflexology, massage and
Energy practitioner.